Antai EMBA of Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranks No.11 on FT Ranking, No.1 in independent programs in the world

Time:2019.11.25 Publisher:EMBA Office

On November 18, 2019, the Financial Times (hereinafter referred to as FT) announced the Top 100 EMBA Program 2019. The EMBA program of Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter “SJTU Antai”) ranked 11th in the world and No.8 in the three-year average ranking, with its three-year average ranking No.1 in the world in independent programs, also remaining the world’s top 20 for six consecutive years. Other independent programs in the Ranking as Top 15 include EMBA programs of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (University of Oxford: Saïd), London Business School, Hautes Etudes Commerciales Paris (HEC Paris), and MIT Sloan School of Business. (MIT : Sloan), Ecole supérieure de commerce de Paris - Europe (ESCP Europe).
Professor CHEN Fangruo, Dean of Antai, said: "Shanghai is the window through which the whole world can see China's economic's taking-off, and Antai College is the window through which all EMBA students and industry leaders can see the international landscape. At a new height, with the strategy of 'pursue two streams of scholarship, one horizontal and the other vertical, and the two streams cut across each other so that knowing and doing become one', Antai will build vertical thinking with industry research on basis of encouraging the study of horizontal disciplines, focusing on major industries in the national economy, therefore builds a healthy and broad ‘business ecosystem’. The EMBA Program, as the college brand Program, is our ‘national park’.  Here, the clouds are surging, and the scenery is excellent. This excellent performance is the best interpretation of the Program's vision “Focusing on academic research and knowledge creation of a comprehensive university, building an innovative curriculum system and becoming a first-class EMBA Program with academic and market influence. Antai EMBA and industry changers will march forward together to start their new climbs.”

Thinking of course changes so as to be stable and far-reaching

Since its first announcement of the Ranking in 1999, FT Ranking has become one of the most authoritative lists in the field of business school education. Known for its rigorous participation criteria, independent investigation methods, and comprehensive indicator system, FT Ranking is mainly based on the three aspects of graduate career development (on basis of three-year graduation data), college diversity, academic research ability and social responsibility. It has become an important reference for students who want to choose a business school Program.
In the Ranking 2019, SJTU Antai EMBA has got excellent performance in 16 key evaluation indicators. among which the salary increased by 117%, ranking 2nd in the world with the target achievement rate 78%. REN Jianbiao, Director of SJTU Antai EMBA Program, said: “The Antai EMBA Program has been iterating with the idea “Thinking of Change” since its establishment in 2002. We must not only respond to change actively, but also seek for change actively.” Antai EMBA continues to integrate and innovate across industries, and the Program insists on a curriculum innovation every four years. In 2019, the new curriculum system was officially released. After 17 years of polishing, the course has been upgraded from version 1.0 to version 5.0.

The 5.0 version of the curriculum consists of eight modules: Opening Module, Macroeconomics Module, Business Decision Module, Management Practice, SJTU Featured Module, Multidimensional Education Module, International Module, Graduation Module. Among them, SJTU Featured Module consists of 3 integration (Company Profit Model Competition, Performance Improvement, Leadership Reflection), 6+ (Innovation +, Finance +, Internet +, Intelligence +, Humanity +, Industry +), 1 Exploration (Exploration of SJTU) for learning. REN Jianbiao introduced: "The new curriculum system will promote EMBA students to reconstruct the knowledge map for the future, to gain insight into business intelligence and to enhance the ideological dimension."

Industry research promotes changes in business and study

In addition to the excellent performance in salary growth and the target achievement rate in this ranking, most of the key evaluation indicators of the SJTU Antai EMBA have risen steadily: the rankings of the professional rank, the size of the company and the overseas work experience before and after the student's study increased by 19 places compared with last year. The proportion of female faculty and students has further increased, and the ratio of doctoral faculty in the college has reached 94%.

Besides, in FT's newly updated Masters in Management Program Global Ranking 2019, Antai Master in Management Program ranks 14th in the world, remaining No.1 in Asia and Top 20 in the world for two consecutive years. In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019, the most authoritative world university subject ranking, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Statistics & Operational Research are consistently ranked Top 50 in the world; Economics and business are among 19 subjects of SJTU which enters top 1% in 2019 ESI.

"Our achievements have fully proved that Antai has achieved substantial results in the exploration and practice of rooting in China, adhering to international education and building a world-class business school," LIU Shaoxuan, Associate Dean of SJTU Antai, shared that, "to better promote the development of business study education, SJTU Antai is launching a business reform of 'promoting business study reform with industry research', which will establish vertical research with industry as the main line based on the horizontal research with discipline as the main line, and set up Industry Community Classes oriented by industry research."

He introduced that the students of the Industry Community Classes consisted of students from Programs of SJTU Antai MBA, EMBA, Senior Executive, and DBA, providing value-added services to the students, building Industry Community Classes on the basis of the original Administrative Classes, by which one student may have 2 classes at the same time. In addition to the students, the composition of the Industry Community Class includes alumni, enterprises, and professor groups. Through the multi-dimensional synergy, the design of systematic curriculum is guided by the practice of industry research and development, focusing on the practical problems, technologies and solutions faced by the industry.

First-class morality to cultivate first-class talents

In 2018, the FT Rankings included the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) indicator for the first time. This new indicator is based on the proportion of corporate social responsibility, ethical, social and environmental issues in the core curriculum.

YIN Haitao, Associate Dean of SJTU Antai and Professor of EMBA Program, said: "As early as 2009, SJTU Antai has set the course of "Environmental Economics" for the students. Antai has always put business ethics and sustainable development education on very important position. In the course design, business ethics is a compulsory course. EMBA has started the course "Business Ethics and Sustainable Development" since 2016. This is the effort of SJTU Antai to reshape the mission of the business school in the new era as well as the adherence to the tradition of the ‘to hone first-class morality’ of SJTU".
Adapting to the needs of national talent development, practicing the SJTU's education goal of cultivating "first-class talents", Antai EMBA insists on taking root in China's land for developing education. Based on this, EMBA has launched a 20 million RMB “Zhiyuan Scholarship Program” since 2020. The Scholarship Program covers nine categories including the “Belt and Road” scholarship, non-profit organization scholarship, outstanding contributions scholarship, and scholarships for underdeveloped regions and other categories.

Specifically, Antai EMBA actively cooperates with the national strategy to cultivate more excellent international senior management talents for the countries along the “Belt and Road”. Among them, Singapore, as an important hub of the “Belt and Road”, in which the teaching cooperation between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Nanyang Technological University has begun as early as 2002. In 2017, the cooperation has come to a new stage, where the two parties jointly launched the “SJTU-NTU EMBA” Project. This is a strong alliance between the two world-renowned universities. It is also an important step for SJTU Antai and Nanyang Business School to set forward to international strategy, to explore global business education and to practice in the context of globalization.

At the same time, the Scholarship encourages students to participate in public welfare and contribute to the society, so that outstanding entrepreneurs in the central and western regions can enjoy fair and quality advanced business management education to implement objectives of the Program: to cultivate leaders with global perspective, strategic thinking, excellent leadership and sense of social responsibility. Let EMBA students not only be guided by corporate profits, but also be entrepreneurs with a strong sense of social responsibility and a correct social value orientation.