Admissions Information

1. Introduction
In July 2002, Antai College of Economics and Management(ACEM) Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) became one of the first colleges allowed to have EMBA education. The program uphold SJTU traditional and unique spirit, and take "contribute management wisdom, and cultivate the moral leaders for economic and social development " as the mission to educate leaders with global perspective, strategic thinking, excellent leadership and sense of social responsibility. After more than 20 years of development, the project has educated more than 7000 outstanding leaders for most of the fields.

2. Admission requirement
1) . Bachelor degree or above, and less than 10% of outstanding management personnel with associate degree.
2) . With at least 8 years working experience in total, and at least 5 years working experience in management.

3. Enrollment Plan
The SJTU EMBA program plans to recruit 400 EMBA students every year, the enrollments will be in spring and autumn. The program includes Chinese Class,which contains comprehensive management, financial management, family business succession management as well as innovation and entrepreneurship managementthese, and the enrollment is only available in autumn.

4. Length of Schooling and Tuition
The length of schooling is about 2 years (on-the-job learning), four days' schooling include a weekend every month (from Thursday to Sunday).
The EMBA examination fee is 798,000 RMB. The tuition fee includes lecture fee, textbooks fee, translation fee, college resources (library, computer center) fee, the thesis oral defense fee, lunch and tea break fee when schooling, accommodation fee.

5. Certificate
Students can obtain the Shanghai Jiao Tong University EBMA degree certificate issued by the Degree Committee of the State Council after completing the course credits and passing the dissertation defense.

6. Course set
EMBA of Shanghai Jiao Tong University considers leadership education as the main line, and offers courses around the recognition, generation, development, consolidation, introspection and application of. By using residential module at the beginning of the semester to recognize leadership from the students.The program generates, develops and then consolidates leadership for students through not only the rational arrangement of methodology module, business module , leadership moduleand international module, but also the experience of integration projects about the company's past, present and future, as well as the elective module of financial, humanistic management and others. By using residential module before graduation to introspect and apply students' leadership. EMBA courses of Shanghai Jiao Tong University construct knowledge, ability and quality systems whichleaders required and effectively improve the ability of discovering, analyzing and solvingproblems.

7. Teaching method
After the lecturing teaching and case teaching mode, SJTU EMBA project gradually formed a integrated experience type education mode. The EMBA education system takes leadership as the main line, and integratedEMBA teaching method, such as classroom teaching, case discussion, enterprise visit, comprehensive practice, integration experience, forum and overseas study tours, to combine the first, second and third classes together.And the EMBA program target was to cultivate leaders in the classroom.

8. Professors
ACEM EMBA program has the abundant faculty supported by SJTU. Our professors mostly have PhD degree from world famous universities and abundant business school teaching experience.With their strategic thinking of combining advanced management theory and Chinese management practice, they formed an unique teaching style to teach students international courses based on China's conditions. At the same time, international cooperation has been carried out actively with the well-known European Business School, Euromed Marseille, about international directions of EMBA courses. Our professors mainly come from the domestic and international academic circles, institutions and the European and American famous business schools, such as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Harvard University, MIT, Columbia University, Stanford University,Washington University, University of Southern California, West Point and GM etc.

9. Contact
EMBA Center , Antai College of Economics and Management Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Address: Room B401-403, Antai Building, No.1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai, P.R.China 200030
Tel: 021-62932603 , 62932628

Fax: 021-52301297
Email : admission_emba@sjtu.edu.cn