2019 Opening Ceremony of Antai EMBA, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Held Grandly

Time:2019.06.22 Publisher:EMBA Office

On the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, China's economy has entered a new phase which is different from the rapid growth of more than 40 years since the Reform and Opening-up. Returning to where they started and entering into the future, a group of aspiring people from all over the world, full of aspiration, chose to walk into Xuhui Campus——the birthplace of Jiao Tong University at this time and joined EMBA in Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to embark on a learning journey. On June 22, 2019, with the solemn national anthem of the People's Republic of China ringing in the A300 lecture hall of Antai Building, the opening ceremony for Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) postgraduate students of 2019 was solemnly held.

This group of students, whose average age is nearly 40 years old, comes from many industries, such as manufacturing, finance, real estate, information, trade, and service. This is also a perfect annotation for the new six+ courses of the 5.0 curriculum system newly launched by Antai EMBA in May, which includes innovation +, internet +, finance +, arts+, smart +, industry +. There are leaders of private companies, executives of the world's top 500 foreign companies, and entrepreneurs who have obtained multiple rounds of financing, but today they have a same identity "SJTUer."

Before the commencement of the opening ceremony, Chen Fangruo (Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management), Yang Jie ( Secretary of the Party Committee), Tian Xinmin (Vice Dean), Wu Wenfeng (Vice Dean), Zhang Donghong (Deputy Secretary), Ren Jianbiao (Assistant Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management and Director of the EMBA Program), Ma Wenyu (Director of EMBA Center), Zhou Daoli (Vice Director) and Yuan Zhongxia (Vice Director), held the 31st joint meeting of EMBA Admission Committee and Academic Committee. At the meeting, Ren Jianbiao reported on the work of Antai EMBA Center of Jiao Tong University. Dean Chen Fangruo said: "Antai EMBA of Jiao Tong University is the ‘National Park’ of the College. We should stick to the high-quality development standards and create more courses with EMBA characteristics," Yang Jie said: " Antai EMBA of Jiao Tong University is the brand highland of the College. You are the pioneers of reform. I hope that the EMBA program can go up to a higher level." The leaders and teachers at the meeting had a heated discussion on the theme of the meeting, proposed new development directions for EMBA and put forward sincere suggestions.

Read “useless” books and accomplish “useful” careers

Chen Fangruo (Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management), Yang Jie (Party Secretary), Tian Xinmin (Vice Dean), Zhang Donghong (Deputy Secretary), Ren Jianbiao (Assistant Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management and Director of the EMBA Program), Professor Representative Fei Yiwen and Zhou Ying, Ma Wenyu (Director of EMBA Center), Zhou Daoli (Vice Director) and Yuan Zhongxia (Vice Director), Chen Ben (Alumnus of Antai EMBA of Jiao Tong University and Founder of Youbanban) attended this opening ceremony.

Chen Fangruo said in his speech that the most important purpose of coming to Jiao Tong University is to learn. He said: "Today is the Summer Solstice. Daytime is the longest of the whole year on this day. It symbolizes the everlasting and unchanging relationship between you and Antai. The most important aim of coming to Antai is to learn, so our learning will be very long. This is a lifelong learning process. During this process, I’ll give freshmen 4 suggestions: First, pour out the water in the “canteen” that filled with past experience, put the habitual thinking aside, let yourself go, accept new things with independent and critical spirit. Second, there are different realms of learning and cognition. Of course, we should pursue the highest realm. However, I hope that everyone understands that the process of learning can be divided into different stages. In order to reach a higher level, don’t be impatient. Learn to think critically. Third, through the study in Antai EMBA, try to shape yourselves into an inter-disciplinary talent, who can solve practical problems in reality by mastering and making good use of knowledge you have learned. Forth, the college has proposed the reform concept of “criss-crossing, knowing and doing in one”. I hope that the students can apply the concept of “criss-crossing” to your learning and break the barriers and cope with the important problems in different industries, and finally integrate this concept into your own career development.”

Yang Jie gave his speech and hoped that students can continue to train themselves. He said: "We have a lot of choices to make in this world. Congratulations to all of you for making the most correct choice, which is choosing Antai EMBA of Jiao Tong University. Of course, it is not easy to make a good choice. You must constantly train yourself. Learning may be happy, but training is painful. During the process of training, the courses of professors are not designed to solve the practical problems of everyone, but to elevate your level of thinking and guide you to find your own value. At the same time, I hope everyone remembers: our value is tied with this nation and our people. Just as our EMBA goal states ‘fostering leaders with morality’. I hope that through two and a half years of study, you will find the value that can be shared with the world, and also make your own business have more value so that the brand value of Antai can be promoted and eventually ideals of your life can be fulfilled.

Fei Yiwen indicated in his speech that reading the ‘useless’ book leads to ‘useful’ careers. He said: “This year is the 10th year that I’ve been teaching at EMBA. Looking at the energetic state of all of you here, I think you must be full of enthusiasm at this moment, looking forward to the future with a lot of harvest in the next two years. But I would like to tell you from my 10-year experience in teaching EMBA that I hope you can take more ‘useless’ classes here, read some ‘useless’ books and make some ‘useless’ friends. These seemingly ‘useless’ studies can finally help you clarify the ‘useful’ directions in your life, absorb ‘useful’ knowledge from outside, and ultimately accomplish 'useful' careers.”

Later, Zhang Donghong help freshmen to wear university badges, showing that they became a “SJTUer”. At the same time, Zhang Donghong gave the flag to the freshman representative, marking that the study tour finally set sail.

Presiding over the opening ceremony, Ren Jianbiao said: "First of all, on behalf of the College, I would like to welcome all new students. Welcome you to become a member of SJTUer. There is a saying in Jiao Tong University: “Choosing Jiao Tong University means choosing responsibility”. From this day on, you will shoulder your responsibility as a SJTUer and give back to society in a better way with your success. I hope that in your future study and life, you can learn from professors, learn from classmates and learn from yourself and become a better version of yourself.

Ma Wenyu gave a moving speech: new hope, new strength. She said: "This year is the 123rd anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Antai College of Economics and Management has just celebrated its 101st birthday. It is also the 17th year of Antai EMBA project and the 31st opening ceremony I have attended. Every opening ceremony excites teachers because new students bring new hope and new strength.

Today you are proud of Jiao Tong University. Tomorrow Jiao Tong University is proud of you.

Chen Ben, a 2011 alumnus, shared his thoughts as an alumni representative: "I entered school in the spring of 2011. Eight years have passed in a flash. For me, two years of study have yielded a lot. Because the professors of Jiao Tong University emphasize learning, the students of Jiao Tong University are pragmatic enough. Today, seeing so many junior schoolmates, I would like to advise you as a senior schoolmate even though you may not have the same initial intention: Since you come to Antai EMBA of Jiao Tong University, I hope you can arm your mind with what you will have learned in the future. Another benefit of studying in Antai EMBA is to make yourself stronger and more self-disciplined. After the Gobi Challenge, I still keep the habit of running 150 kilometers a month. I think it hones my will, makes me more resolute when I face pressure, and makes me brave enough to pursue changes, all of which also prepare me to be calm in this unpredictable economic environment.”

Huang Ying, a freshman representative of Class 1, Grade 2019, spoke: “I particularly like an English motto: Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever. Learn endlessly, live without regret. The baptism of the joint examination first, followed by the excitement of getting the letter of admission and the excitement of seeing my classmates and the dilemma of choosing among so many wonderful associations that I want to join, just one month before the beginning of school, it seems that I have experienced a few years of condensed emotional dram, brilliant and wonderful. Today we are going to begin our study officially. And we are about to rekindle the strong relationship built during joint examination and show the heart of a SJTUer in the future.

Fu Dawei, a freshman representative of Class 2, Grade 2019, said: "After I got my postgraduate degree, I have been very busy with working, like a gyro constantly rotating. In recent years, I have often been confused by the future development and positioning issues. Gradually, I realized that I should slow down, absorb nutrition, broaden my horizons, and get more external energy support. Fortunately, I am here to study in Antai EMBA of Jiao Tong University. On behalf of new students, let me express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and teachers who supported us in the preparation of the opening ceremony. Thank you for putting a lot of efforts into giving us this memorable memory in our life. At the same time, we might also give ourselves credit for efficient cooperation and selfless hard work during the preparation for all kinds of activities before the beginning of school. I believe that the upcoming EMBA journey will be more exciting. At this moment, for me, it's “how lucky I am to have this honor.”

Xin Hongyang, a freshman representative of Class 3, Grade 2019, said, "Through the enrollment seminar, I learned about “get to know Antai in five perspectives”: a framework of knowledge system, a whole picture perspective of thinking, support of a think tank behind it, a way to find a point from which we exert strength, a brand-new and wonderful self-confidence. This is the direction I am looking for, and it also makes me determined to apply for Antai EMBA of Jiao Tong University. Students are elites from all walks of life. However, faceing with the surging "Internet+" and "cross industry robbery" era, no industry can avoid it. We can only remain undefeated by learning continually, absorbing new knowledge and ideas, broadening our horizons, integrating and activating resources, and voluntarily adjusting and changing ourselves. Finally, I want to give you a sentence from a teacher of Antai, Zhou Ying: where the eyes can't see, we can see by reading; where the footsteps cannot measure, we can measure by reading. When you choose Antai EMBA of Jiao Tong University, we will travel with you in this lifetime.

Liu Jiang, a freshman representative of Class 4, Grade 2019, said: "I took college entrance examination in 1996. I was going to apply for Shanghai Jiao Tong University, making it my first choice. But at last I chose Zheng Jiang University. Things that stay in your mind will finally happen. It has been 24 years since that day. As a SJTUer, I feel deeply warmed by joining Jiao Tong University after attending the pre-school education in May. I have been in my forties. I will bear in mind the motto of Jiao Tong University: when you drink water, never shall you forget its source love your motherland and bring honor to your alma mater. As a member of Class 4, our slogan is "study hard, apply what we learn, enjoy life and never waste it". we will walk hand in hand and become lifelong friends. I hope that students who are entrepreneurs can quickly make their business become a "unicorn enterprise". And when that day comes, we shall not forget source of water and bring honor and give back to our alma mater.

 Time flies and the stars change in positions. For a hundred years, Antai College of Jiao Tong University has fostered innumerable talents and has contributed to the development of the country and the society in its own way. In this evening's Grade 2019 Antai EMBA welcome party, these elites will add a strong stroke of ink and color to their upcoming study life through their fabulous programs and performance.