Antai Master of Business Administration (MBA and EMBA) of Jiao Tong University Receives the Highest A+ Rating | China University Professional-degree Rankings

Time:2018.07.26 Publisher:EMBA Office

On the afternoon of July 26, 2018, the Ministry of Education’s Degree Center announced the results of the First China University Professional-degree Rankings (CUPR). According to the statistical results, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has the largest number (6 disciplines) on the list. The Master of Business Administration (MBA and EMBA) of SJTU the highest A+ rating. Other universities also receiving are Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University.

 Shanghai Jiao Tong University with most disciplines in the ranking

Master of Business Administration receives the highest A+ rating

 On the afternoon of July 26, 2018, China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) announced the China University Professional-degree Rankings (CUPR). Entrusted by the Office of the Education Supervisory Committee of the State Council, in 2016, CDGDC launched a pilot program to assess professional degree levels in China. The assessment was conducted in eight professional degree categories, including Law, Education, Clinical Medicine (excluding Traditional Chinese Medicine), Stomatology, Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting, and Art (Music), in which 650 professional degree authorization programs from 293 qualified institutions in the country were all involved.

 According to the assessment results, a total of 492 disciplines from 235 universities and research institutes were ranked as different levels (ranked the top 75%) and 98 disciplines from 51 universities were rated as A-level (including A+, A and A-). According to the statistical results, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Wuhan University and Suzhou University each has 6 disciplines in the ranking, which is the largest number on the list.

 The information of this professional-degree assessment is obtained from public data, unit reporting, collection of investigation information and by other means. The assessment is carried out by combining objective evaluation with subjective evaluation. Like the fourth China University Subject Rankings (CUSR), its results were first sorted into “grades” by the percentile of the overall score, and released to the public the top 75% of eligible institutions in each professional degree category wih 9 grades: A+ for the top 2% (or top 2) , A for 2%~7% (2% excluded, the same below), A- for 7%~15%, B+ for 15%~25%, B for 25%~35%, B- for 35%~45%, C+ for 45%~55%, C for 55%~65% and C- for 65%~75%.

 There are 227 accredited institutions in the degree category of "Business Administration", 194 of which are qualified for the assessment and applied for the ranking. The Master of Business Administration (MBA and EMBA) of SJTU receives the highest A+ rating with Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University. Previously, in the fourth CUSR, which Management Science and Engineering, together with Business Administration constructed by ACEM participated in, the first-level subject of Business Administration achieved outstanding result, ranking the first grade of A+ in China. (further reading: Antai of SJTU: Business Administration Received A+ Rating | The Fourth China University Subject Rankings).

 A Century of Antai , A Century of Accumulation

Small steps get us to faraway places. This year marks the centenary of the establishment of Antai. Adhering to the fine tradition of school-running for hundred years, MBA education in SJTU worked hard in standardization, quality, brand and characteristics and committed to cultivating business leaders and industry elites with positive behavior, broad vision, solid foundation, strong innovation and profound traditional cultural foundation, with a pragmatic attitude and integration of high-quality educational resources since it was established from 1993.

 On May 30, 2018, the on-site evaluation of the qualification evaluation of Antai MBA in SJTU was conducted at Room B404 in Antai College of Economics and Management. The five experts of the evaluation team have fully recognized the remarkable achievements of the MBA professional degree accredited program, and unanimously agreed that the construction of Antai MBA professional degree accredited program of SJTU had met the requirements of the qualification evaluation with distinctive features and excellent results.

 EMBA, 16 years keeping forging ahead

 In 2002, the EMBA of Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter referred to as Antai EMBA of SJTU) was approved by Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, becoming the first batch of EMBA education programs approved in China. After 16 years of development, Antai EMBA of SJTU has become the best platform for excellent entrepreneurs to learn systematically. In recent years, Antai EMBA program has entered the world's top 100 in FT Global Rankings of the UK Financial Times for five consecutive years and the ranking has risen steadily from 32 (2013), 17 (2014), 10 (2015), 7 (2016) to the top 6 (2017), leading Asian business schools and recognized to have the same level as international first-class business schools in many indexes of the FT Global Business School Rankings.

 In this assessment, the Antai EMBA has been positively recognized in curriculum setting, faculty construction, talent cultivation, and social contribution. In practical terms:

 - The curriculum setting is keeping pace with times: based on the specific situation of China's economy and enterprises, familiar with the general situation and development trend of international economy, accurately understands the current situation and future of China's economic development, and collects excellent management concepts, theories and methods,  which is an inevitable choice for entrepreneurs. The Antai EMBA program of SJTU focuses on the development of leadership and courses are designed around the identification, generation, expansion, consolidation, reflection and application of leadership. The curriculum of Antai EMBA  identifies students' leadership through the starting module; generates, expands and consolidates students’ leadership through the rational allocation of methodology module, management practice module, SJTU characteristics module and international module. Among them, the SJTU characteristics module includes three main integration projects, “Innovation+, Finance+, Internet+” module and “Exploration of SJTU” of university integrated module and through the graduation module, students' leadership is reflected and applied.

  - The construction of faculties has achieved fruitful results: Antai College's self-possessed teachers have applied a large number of Chinese enterprises' practical research results to EMBA class teaching. Professors pay more attention to cases of the development of Chinese enterprise and often take the student enterprise as a case for field discussion. At the same time, the Antai EMBA program combines the international faculty and the local faculty organically. The faculty of Antai is constantly absorbing new members stably, thus the excellent international faculty members provide an effective complement. At the same time, professors have achieved many results in the fields of innovation and strategic management, marketing management, organization management, accounting and financial management, operation management, management science, management information system, and constantly improve the teaching level.

 - Talent cultivation stands on top of the world: adhering to the spirit of Shanghai Jiao Tong University that "When heaven and earth meet, all things pass through; when heaven and earth meet, all minds are the same", the project takes "contributing management wisdom, cultivating virtuous leaders, leading economic and social development" as its mission, and strives to cultivate leadership with global vision, strategic thinking, outstanding leadership and sense of social responsibility. Specifically, EMBA project has a rigorous management process, strict material review and serious and fair interviews in the enrollment process; it has a complete training system, a unique curriculum structure, a high-quality faculty team and rich practical teaching (profit model competition, focusing on "Innovation +, Internet +, Finance +" three major brand forums, Exploration of SJTU, entering alumni enterprises and other practices) with support of the strong scientific research and hardware facilities of the College. The quality control of graduation thesis is carried out in the duplication checking, double-blind review, checking of tutors and dissertation committee members and other aspects. With regard to alumni service, it also strives to build a platform for lifelong learning and communication.

 Contribute management wisdom and cultivate industry leaders

Brain collision, spark of wisdom

 - Contribute to society, be grateful "Think of the source when drinking water, love to the motherland and glory for the school ", inheriting the motto of SJTU, nearly 5800 students of Antai EMBA of SJTU keep pace with the time and constantly make innovation through their own and their enterprises' efforts relying on what they have learned. Among them, as one of the characteristics of Antai EMBA profit model course, many outstanding cases have emerged in the "Company Profit Model Competition". For example, the “E-House China Holdings” successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the snack food brand “ LYFEN” listed on the Main Board, the “SafBon Water” listed on the Growth Enterprise Board, the “Juling Info” listed on the New OTC (Over the Counter) Market, the first digitized organic farm in the country "YIMUTIAN", the "Greentown E-commerce" which creates a "network mall + physical experience" new model for material supply, the “Shanghai SHENSY” which builds the largest road logistics network trading platform in China, the catering brand “Yershari" which integrated with foreign culture, the “ Youmi Family” which is the derivative brand of “WU FANG ZHAI" , the only production model base of Chinese Donkey-hide gelatin  "East Donkey-hide gelatin" and a number of other high-growing enterprises are born or grown from the competition and persist in cultivating more industry promoters for China's economic transformation and development.

 At the same time, alumni actively devote themselves to the society, with many cases of public welfare and charity: for instance, two classes of 2014 Spring semester have donated 8 hope primary schools in Huaihua City, Hunan Province since 2015, also making great contributions to the donation of autistic children and protection of wild migratory birds; Class 2 of 2015 Fall semester helped remote areas in Guizhou, Jiangxi and other districts by donating books, school uniforms, multimedia teaching equipment and other ways; Class 1 of 2016 Fall semester donated more than 300,000 RMB in "Intellectual Aid to Xinjiang" activity.

 Write the answer sheet of education on the land of China. Following the development of the times, EMBA is committed to cultivating industry leaders to promote national economic development. Therefore, in terms of training methods, the College adheres to international school-running model and explore a unique path suitable for Chinese business schools which is also the source power for Antai to continuously improve and comprehensively upgrade in this assessment and future assessments of related subjects. The more Chinese characteristics it has, the more world-class it is.