Antai Centenary-- Opening Ceremony of 2018 Antai EMBA of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was Grandly Held

Time:2018.06.12 Publisher:EMBA Office

June 12nd marks the 100th birthday of Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Numerous professors have taught and educated students with salutary influence of education while numerous alumni has become great talents of nation. On June 22nd, a new batch of social elites were welcomed in the opening ceremony of 2018 Antai EMBA held in Xuhui campus.

 The opening ceremony was presided over by Ren Jianbiao, Assistant Dean of ACEM, Director of the EMBA Program. Zhou Lin (Dean of ACEM), Tian Xinmin, Tang Ningyu, Wan Guohua (Vice Presidents of ACEM), Zhang Donghong (Deputy Party Secretary of ACEM), Jiang Wei, Huang Wei and other professor representatives, Huang Shujuan (Director of Alumni and Public Relations), and Ma Wenyu (Director of the EMBA Center), Zhou Daoli and Yuan Zhongxia (Deputy Directors) attended the ceremony.

 There are four classes of 2018, including three comprehensive classes and one innovation and entrepreneurship class. The conditions of freshmen’s business o are more diversified, mainly represented by four modern service industry fields: Internet, manufacturing, and finance.

 Zhou Lin: Teaching Students Earnestly and Innovation-Driven Development

Founded in 1896, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has gone through a glorious history of 122 years. Antai, which pioneered the Program of Railway Management in 1918, celebrated its 100th birthday on June 12nd this year. Dean Zhou Lin reviewed the centenary journey of Antai and demonstrated that like a phoenix rising from the ashes, with the courage to be a pioneer, striving for self-improvement, Antai would become one of the top 100 world-renowned business schools.

 At the same time, Dean Zhou also pointed out that China's economy has gone from extensive model to today, and if we want to maintain rapid growth in the future, innovation-driven development is an inevitable trend. "In the past, we learned from others, but in the new global political landscape, we need to find our own way out. On the one hand, we need to pursue innovation; on the other hand, we need to learn from and compete with more developed countries." While sorting out knowledge, professors of Antai teach more innovation in thinking mode, leading us to constantly challenge habitual way of thinking and ourselves so as to adapt to the ever-changing needs of today's society.

 Bodo Schlegelmilch: Significance of Periodic Learning

On the day of the opening ceremony, AMBA-certified experts were on-the-spot review. Bodo Schlegelmilch, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International MBA Association gave a speech to the freshmen. He expressed his congratulations on learning at the business school ranked 6th in FT ranking in the world, and this will be an unforgettable and interesting journey. This opening ceremony coincides with the five-year re-certification of Antai AMBA. “In line with the innovation and construction of business schools, you need periodic and continuous learning to make progress and become leaders who make contributions to China and the world.”

 Tang Ningyu: Learning to Deal with Three Types of Relationships in A Changing Environment

As a female professor who walked through the Gobi, the speech of Professor Tang was unique. While expressing support for the wonderful courses, class activities and alumni work, she “spoiled” a lot of confusion that new students were about to face in the next two years, for example, the professors’ lessons being too difficult to make one doubt the usefulness of the theory? How should I re-handle my relationship with my family, partners, and subordinates? "There is only one theory, but practice is ever-changing. Either change your practice or modify the theory. Learning the good theory and the theoretical tree will be evergreen." In addition, she also suggested that there are all kinds of confusion at any stage, but you should learn to maintain your initial heart in a changing environment, correctly handle the relationship with yourself, with others and with the world. Try to be a warm leader, a balanced family member and a loving partner.

 Yang Bin: Learning attitude is the attitude towards the future

The height of your admiration is the firmness of your drill. Yang Bin (class 2, spring 2016), the general manager of Shanghai Pacific Housing Services Co., Ltd., as a senior shared her three points of thoughts in learning and life with freshmen. “The attitude of learning is the attitude to face the future. You will have the courage to face the future with the determination to learn. The module courses and practical teaching methods of Antai EMBA have made me to think where the company is going, what are its problems and what are deficiencies in it., facing the pain points of the market, making self-purification.” With the condensing and reshaping of corporate culture, Yang Bin gradually learned to empower, “The success of employees is the success of the enterprise.” With the attitude of learning, empowering and sticking to the inner source of power, her speech injected a lot of energy and passion into the new students.

Speech by the Freshmen Representatives

Later, Vice President Tian Xinmin wore the school badge for the representatives of the new students, expressing pride and glory. Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Donghong awarded the flag of college to representatives, which representing the spirit of inheritance and succession. After that, four freshmen representatives came to deliver their speech.

 “Do something for the society, for others and for ourselves.” Qin Yi of HNA Technology Group said, “This is the most crucial in HNA’s corporate culture. With the long-term good interaction between HNA and SJTU, I look forward to integrating the culture and learning atmosphere of SJTU in my study and life in the next two years, and facing the rapid iteration wave with a positive attitude.” Having worked in the software informatization industry for more than 10 years, how to transform to the Internet intelligent medical service platform is a career conundrum faced by the class 2 student Kang Yixia from Haiyao Enlarged Health Management (Beijing) Co., LTD. “To stand still is to move back; learning and progressing is always on the way.”

 We work hard to climb the high mountains in our professional area, looking up at the mountains looming in the mist, if we don't look at the road under our feet, the road ahead will only become more and more rugged. Zhou Guangwen from Class 3 of 2018, Director of Shanghai Liver Disease Research Center and Shanghai Yixi Medical Technology Co., LTD., said that the purpose of study is not only about theoretical breakthrough, but also technology breakthrough and mode transformation. As a surgeon for more than 20 years and a doctoral supervisor, walking between the cracks of blood and flesh every day, he has a better understanding of the meaning of life, and thus knows more about the value of learning. Compared with the first three freshmen, Yuan Bin, Class 4, 2018, from Meng Pediatric Medical Company in Los Angeles, USA, was probably the one from the most distant one among all freshmen. He went abroad in the 1980s, but still has a SJTU complex in his heart. “There are many SJTU professors in the enterprises of Silicon Valley, which prompted me to return to China as soon as possible to apply for Antai, hoping to realize my dream.”

 Although the brief and grand opening ceremony has ended, Antai’s learning journey has just set sail. The class-based performances at freshmen dinner are unique and lively; The majestic “Poem of Antai”, recited by Antai professors Fei Yiwen, Huang Cheng, Zhou Jieru and teachers of EMBA Center and alumni Liu Jiangxian celebrated the centenary anniversary. EMBA Choir and Ling Xiu Hui Dance Club brought wonderful sounds and graceful dancing movements, which ignite the scene. As senior EMBA students, the students of Class 3, 2017 also welcomed new blood with their unique talent show. Just as professor Fei Yiwen said in his speech at the freshmen dinner, “only when we are equal, of the same mind and of the same morality, can we help each other in the same boat and walk in the same direction to add a new milestone into your study and life in the next two years.”

The course of “Entrepreneurship and Leadership” lasted for two days. Professor Meng Xianzhong shared his observations and thoughts with his powerful voice on the destiny of the company in the current economic situation in China. “In order to conquer others, we must take the lead of others and integrate the wisdom of others. Entrepreneurs are subversive and promoters of social change, responsible for undertaking social responsibility. The spirit of entrepreneurs includes innovation, responsibility and cooperation.” All rivers run in the sea. This group of people from all corners of the country, in the name of "team" and "Family", after the opening ceremony and two consecutive days of excellent courses, still participated in the “Her era, Her strength” female charm forum and organized football games and industry salons to know each other with great joy.

 Antai EMBA is like the center of a circle, and each student constitutes the radiation and extension of the center. With the energy and passion of “EMBA, it is never too late to learn, we are still young”, the freshmen successfully unlocked the learning mode of the new semester. Change and innovation are the key words that will never be absent in this era. On the way forward, we should retain the spirit of reformation and innovation endowed by the times to all of us.