Antai EMBA Ranks 8th in the World, Ranking among Top 10 For Four Consecutive Years

Time:2018.10.15 Publisher:EMBA Office

On October 15, 2018, Financial Times (FT)——authoritative ranking of business school, released the Global Executive MBA (Global EMBA) ranking. The EMBA of Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has won its glory again, ranking 8th in the world, and being among top 10 for four consecutive years (2015-2018). According to the average ranking data for last three years, Antai EMBA of SJTU has achieved a stable performance, ranking fifth in the world, and the independent education program ranks No.1 in the word.

At 9:00 on October 15th, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) held a press conference at the Xuhui Campus, the birthplace of Jiao Tong University. The leaders, professors, alumni representatives and more than 30 mainstream media attended the conference. Chen Fangruo, Dean of ACEM, said: “Since the first assessment in 2013, Antai EMBA of SJTU has achieved stable and excellent results in the authoritative global ranking for six consecutive years, fully demonstrating the profound and solid foundation of Antai’s sedimentation for centuries. Based on this, we will always adhere to the school policy of 'rooting China's management practices, promoting social and economic development, and improving the world's management theory', and strive to make Antai a world-class Chinese business school."

Building the Highland of Business and Achieving International Influence

FT ranking is one of the most authoritative and prestigious global business school rankings, which has become an important basis for applicants around the world to choose business schools rationally. The core of EMBA ranking is the career development performance of graduates and satisfaction evaluation. At the same time, the internationalization level, teaching faculty, research and corporate social responsibility (a total of three categories of indicators with 16 sub-items) are examined. All survey data are collected through independent investigation and questionnaire, and the overall standard and performance of global business school are evaluated based on the complete quantitative indicator system.

Tian Xinmin, Deputy Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management, introduced that in this Antai EMBA ranking, the performance of sub-indicators has maintained a steady development. Among them, career development performance of graduates indicators continue to do quite good job with Salary Increase ranks No.1, Salary Today ranks sixth, Female Faculty ranks No.1 , Aims Achieved ranks 21st in the world. The academic research capacity and internationalization level of the college have improved steadily. International Students, International Course Experience, Faculty with Doctorates, and FT research rank have all improved compared with last year, among which the FT scientific research indicator has increased by 11 places compared with last year, and the proportion of teachers with doctoral degree has reached 94%.

In the FT list, ACEM is the only business school in China with 4 core programs ranking in the top 40 of FT Worldwide Rankings (EMBA 8th, MBA 34th, MiM 18th, EE 17th). With the outstanding performance of its core teaching programs, Antai ranked No. 1 in the 2017 FT Asia Pacific Business School Rankings. In addition, various international authoritative rankings have also fully verified the international influence of Antai College of SJTU. In the 2018 QS World University Rankings by Subject , Antai continued to rank within top 100 on all the 4 subjects related to business and management, and three of these subjects ranked in the world top 50 (among which Business and Management has been among the world top 50 for three years. In addition to the dazzling worldwide rankings, the College has also gained a lot of honors and authoritative recognition in China. According to the results of the First China University Professional-degree Rankings (CUPR) by China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) in 2018, the Master of Business Administration (MBA and EMBA) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University received the highest rating (A+). It can be said that Antai has become a leading domestic and internationally renowned modern business school.

Fostering Innovation and Deepening industry research

No steps, no miles. The 40 years of reform and opening up have seen the rapid development of China’s economy and society. At the same time, China's business education has shown its vitality with the opening of gate of reform. Inheriting the profound cultural heritage of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the past 122 years, relying on the long-standing schooling tradition of ACEM, and as China’s first batch of EMBA education program approved in 2002, Antai EMBA of SJTU, since its establishment 16 years ago, has trained more than 5,500 industry leaders with global vision, strategic thinking, excellent leadership and social responsibility through the construction of high-level research and faculty team and the forward-looking design of curriculum system adaptable to the Chinese management practice from a global perspective, leaving a profound and positive impact on China’s society and economy,.

Ren Jianbiao, Assistant Dean of ACEM and Director of EMBA Program, shared as follows: "This year’s FT ranking fully demonstrates Antai's solid academic ability and overall strength. Since the establishment of the program, Antai EMBA has been focusing on building an excellent faculty team of ‘SJTU’s’ , and continuously develop and train the faculty who emphasize on the specific situation of Chinese economy and enterprise , and on business practice and industry research. The proportion of professors from ACEM is constantly increasing in EMBA teaching, taking over 75% of the core course teaching tasks. ‘SJTU’s ’professor has become an important brand image of Antai EMBA program. We are doing a career that boosters China’s innovative, high-end, standard, serious EMBA degree program showing the positive energy of new era, which is the direction that we have been adhered to for 16 years since Antai EMBA of SJTU has established."

In the curriculum, Antai EMBA aims to cultivate leadership and build a new Gobi leadership course by integrating the Gobi spirit into teaching practice. At the same time, inheriting the innovation and entrepreneurial genes of SJTU, the project is characterized by "Innovation +, Finance +, Internet +" and "Exploration of SJTU". With EMBA innovation and entrepreneurship management course as the first recommendation, combining three major brand forums of "SJTU Entrepreneurship Club", "Internet +Training Camp" and "SJTU Financier", it can integrate business and industry, not only providing intellectual support for innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises, but also becoming a "booster" for innovative elites and startups to grow into industry leaders.

Among them, the Profit Model Competition has been held for 28 sessions since the establishment of the program. As a complete integrated experiential teaching model, many excellent cases have emerged in the competition, many of which are directly industrialized, or invested, or eventually listed. In recent years, many projects focusing on emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, new energy, Internet of Things, big health, and the Internet have participated in the competition. As expansion of the competition ,the “Cross-Straits Profit Model Elite Invitational Tournament”has been successfully held for 4 sessions, which has established a good platform for commercial communication and exchanges for cross-strait EMBA entrepreneurs and has made positive contributions to cross-strait economic cooperation and exchanges. .

Building a Global Perspective and Fostering Social Responsibility

Under the background of globalization, Antai EMBA of SJTU is also actively introducing international excellent teaching faculties, taking global industry and management practices as its longitude, and taking the international frontier management theory as its latitude. Taking the “SJTU-Nanyang EMBA” program as an example, as Singapore is an important hub of the “Belt and Road”, ACEM and Nanyang Business School of Nanyang Technological University of Singapore have joined forces to deepen cooperation, taking an important step together in the development and exploration of international teaching and global business education and practice. In this ranking, Nanyang Business School ranked 18th in the world.

At the same time, based on the educational objectives from the perspective of globalization, the international curriculum module has developed various forms of cooperation with top universities and business schools, such as Yale, Stanford, Harvard, West Point, Oxford, Cambridge, ESCPEUROPE, Tel Aviv, Munich Business School since its establishment in 2004. 43 international courses has been organized with nearly 3000 students attending the course and many authoritative international academic professors participated in the teaching. Up to now, there are four routes with different themes: "Innovation and Leadership" of the United States, "Industry, Economy and Culture" of Europe, "Exploring the Innovation Ecosystem in Israel" of Israel and "German Industry 4.0" of Germany.

“When you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your motherland and bring honor to your home school.”. Inheriting the motto of SJTU, students of Antai EMBA contribute to the society through the efforts of themselves and their companies. In Hunan, Yunnan, Gansu, Guizhou, Shanxi, Henan, Xinjiang and other parts of the motherland, they are actively involved in building hope primary schools, constructing dream classrooms, delivering intellectual aid to Xinjiang, supporting education in mountainous areas, paying attention to autistic children, devoting to ecological protection, and undertaking other public welfare, to spread the positive energy of public welfare to the society. At the same time, the Public Welfare Charity Forum of SJTU, which is actively participated by EMBA alumni, has become an exchange and sharing platform for alumni and people from all walks of life who cares about the community, sharing the experience of building professional public welfare organizations from various perspectives and carrying out sustainable public welfare activities .

In 2018, Antai College of Economics and Management celebrated its 100th anniversary. Owing to its continuously improvement of program strength as well as stable program quality and reputation, Antai EMBA ranks 8th in the FT Worldwide Ranking List, which is also a special gift to the College. In the EMBA 2.0 era of unified examination , in the face of fierce market competition and the rising standards and requirements of EMBA, Antai EMBA always adheres to the motto of "a hundred years of Antai, a hundred years of Chinese Dream", "do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, and have the courage to innovate." Antai EMBA continues to learn and work tirelessly to become a pioneer in China’s management education and a leader in the development of business schools in China and in the world.