ACEM Ranked 10th Worldwide in FT EMBA Ranking 2021

Time:2021.12.29 Publisher:

The Financial Times (FT) revealed its annual ranking of the world’s top 100 EMBA programs for 2021 on October. Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has  ranked 10th worldwide.


Based on the full-fledged discipline arrangement of SJTU and its leading role in future development, the EMBA program from ACEMsince its birth in 2002, has embraced changes, strove for innovation, and long been aligned with global industry and management practice and advanced management theory worldwide. After years of polishing, the EMBA program has unveiled its brand-new curriculum system 6.0, which consists of four modules: core module, specialized module, featured module and international module, offering specialized directions of integrated management, fintech, intelligent technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and international business. The EMBA program enjoys eight global classrooms in America, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Israel and Singapore. Through conducting research into over 30 industrial ecosystems, the EMBA program has formed its own research ecosystem, which signifies the idea of industry research is formally introduced to the curriculum system of degree programs. The EMBA program will promote industry leaders and innovators to enhance the ideological dimension.,to reconstruct the knowledge map and to empower business practice.